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Emerging Leaders Institute

Our Value Proposition is simple: We acknowledge the vast potential of young South Africans. They’re our future leaders and need our help. To facilitate that process, we launched the Emerging Leaders Institute.

Most of them lag behind in Personal Development. This empowerment process is not a luxury but a necessity to achieve success. Sadly, some can’t access skills development like their peers in urban centres. It’s not a priority for some parents.
When we started out at Nelson Mandela Auditorium Waterfront; we did so to associate our Institute with a world leader; the venue was central, and it has access to the Robben Island Museum. Yet we soon realised that only the ‘privileged’ attended our classes. We needed a solution that would make our courses affordable, convenient, accessible and national.
We found the solution; the TeleCon Training Platform! This innovative idea allows callers to access personal coaching, consulting, and mentoring via their mobile phones, from anywhere in South Africa.  

Your Personal Development Building Blocks

Reshape Your Self Image
The image we see in the mirror may be a real or distorted view of who we are. Based on this view, we develop either a positive or negative self-image. The strengths and weaknesses we have adopted affect how we act today.
Effective Communication

Effective communication is not so much the ability to have a good vocabulary and string words sensibly together. Rather, it’s the ability to get in touch with your inner emotions; identify them accurately and speak your truth in love.

Release Your Latent Potential

The wealthiest place on earth is not the diamond fields in Kimberley, neither the gold mines in Johannesburg nor the oil fields in Arabia. It is our minds and graveyards! Don’t allow a poor self-image and lack of confidence inhibit your potential!

Setting Personal Goals Is Key

Setting goals is a great way to trigger action and motivate. It sets the direction, next steps, unclutter your mind. Challenging goals stimulate the flow experience that so many people want.

You’re A Special Brand

You are unique, peculiar and distinct. You are a total package; a mobile advert and a product on display! You are the only person who can effectively market and promote your exclusive product – YOU!

Use Your Power Of Choice

Besides being born, the power of decision-making is the greatest gift. You’re not a product of your genes or your education; you are the result of your decisions. Think before you ink and use your decisions wisely.

Why Are We Different From Others?

We Incorporate The Fundamentals

We are aware of the first six years of a child’s development. They are the foundation that shapes children’s future. This includes health, happiness, growth, evolution and learning achievement at school, in the family and community. Parents and extended families play vital parts in shaping their self-esteem, personality, character and self-confidence.

In fact, King Solomon, the wisest monarch who had ever lived said: “Train up a child in the way he/she should go. When they’re old, they won’t turn away from it.”

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

In addition, scientific evidence suggests that the first 1,000 days are the most important in a child’s life.

Is it any wonder why Jesus rebuked His disciples when they prevented mothers to bring their children to Jesus?

Therefore, when parents are not aware of these preparatory years, they fail in their duties to lay a strong foundation for their children’s future.

We Respect The Transitional Process

Once children start elementary school, their teachers become their new ‘figures of influence’. Teachers know how to gain their trust, respect and confidence. That’s needed to have attentive kids in a schoolroom. As a consequence, most children trust their teachers unreservedly and assimilate every bit of information. 
Unfortunately, ill-mannered teachers who have little regard for the power of the spoken word; might make insulting or personal remarks and hurt the gentle spirits of vulnerable kids.  As these kids progress through primary school and with the process of repetition, a negative and poor self-image might be reinforced.  
Once they enter high or secondary school, teachers are shifted to the back burner and their peers become centres of influence. They want to be in with the crowd; want to be accepted, respected and looked up to. High school, more so than primary school, is where bullying could destroy the image and confidence of a youngster! This is when principles are compromised in order to be accepted by the gang.

We Offer A Needed Intervention

Most of the time, our intervention comes in when the damage was already done. Habits are formed, attitudes are reinforced and personalities are determined. So, our three-dimensional approach is crucial to begin a positive process of transformation.
During the Reshaping Self-Image Course, we traverse the past briefly to help uncover and heal the harm done by parents, family, teachers, friends and society at large. Once they find out that a perverted image has been forced upon them, they become empowered and reject, discard and destroy that mental image!
The instant transformations that took place during these sessions are nothing short of miracles!
This first session sets the groundwork and basis of the other building blocks!