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About Us 

As the name indicates, The Emerging Leaders Institute is passionate about empowering the next generation of South African leaders! For a quick glance, please check out our Menu. 

We are of the view that anyone that is submerged or kept in submission against his or her own will – especially young people - is not only being abused, but is being deprived of a human right and a natural process of growth, self-discovery and maturity! 

Unfortunately, this process of senseless subjugation happens on a daily basis in the safety of homes, schools, religious institutions and both the private and public sectors. If you disagree, please click here and email your comments. 

These destructive patterns rob our future leaders of unleashing their latent potential and deprive our country from young, contributing citizens. If top structures of our government, educational institutions and businesses are run by leaders who lack vision and mission for our country’s youth, then the status quo will remain indefinitely. 

We state unequivocally that emotional-, intellectual-, social-, educational-, financial- and spiritual growth should not be stunted. Neither should South African emerging leaders be subjected to a different form of forced slavery and deprivation. We are talking about about the 'illegal enslavement' of rising unemployment and deprivation of quality, free education and access to equal opportunities. 

In fact, favourable conditions should be created to stimulate all these factors for personal growth! 

Government is the custodian of education. Parents, educators, religious and business leaders are mentors, role models, protectors of the youth, creators of opportunities and the builders of future leaders. Yet, if we consider the growing levels of youth drop-outs from high school and first-year at universities, escalating youth unemployment, rising youth incarcerations, shameless recruitment of youth into gangs and the high rate of youth-HIV-infections; then we should ask ourselves: ‘Why are we ‘weighting’ our youth with so much load on their shoulders that keep them submerged? 

South Africa needs a youth evolution and revolution that will allow future leaders to emerge! Do you agree or disagree? Please click here and share your ideas with us.