Emerging Leaders Institute
"Believe You Can Fly!"

* Travel and enrich their lives *

* Become young Investors *

* Thrive as young Entrepreneurs *

* Think Globally and Act Locally *

* Become Leaders in their communities *

* Project a positive Self-Image *

* Learn the skill of Effective Speaking *

* Unearth more of their Hidden Potential *

* Set Achievable Goals *

* Create Successful Personal Brands *

* Become young Shakers and Movers *


         * Believe They Can Fly! *        



The Emerging Leaders institute was founded to turn:

  1. young followers into leaders,
  2. mentees into mentors,
  3. employees into employers and.
  4. job-seekers into entrepreneurs.

 Although this is easier said than done; it’s neither impossible nor out of reach for most people!

Centuries ago, King Solomon, who happened to be the wisest king of his time said: “As a man thinks in his heart; so is he.” Put differently, the dominant thoughts in our minds – whether negative or positive – will ultimately shape our believe systems. That in turn, will shape our speech; eventually our habits and that would determine our actions. 

WELCOME TO OUR EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM: Now, for the first time, you don't need to be in Cape Town to benefit from our training programme. In fact, you can access our training platform via your mobile phone! 

What's even more exciting, you don't need data or internet connection to gain access. 

With our newly-introduced TeleCon Training Platform, emerging leaders across South Africa can enter our Virtual Executive Boardroom and be coached, lectured and trained by an internationally-acclaimed facilitator. Gone are the days that denied young people from other provinces access to our Personal Development Courses!

For more information, please visit our ELI TeleCon Training Platform AND reserve your seat!

THINK & ACT LIKE A WORLD CHAMP! Ninety percent (90%) of Wade Van Niekerk’s preparation takes place behind the scenes.

This gold medalist, record-breaker and world champion does the hard work away from the glare and attention of the world media. Attention is given to detail and even his sprint from the starting blocks is repeatedly rehearsed.

An investment in our Personal Development Course will give you the winning-edge. If you start like Wade and stay in your lane; you'll cross the winning line!

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