Emerging Leaders Institute
"Believe You Can Fly!"



The ELI Personal Development Empowerment Course lays a solid foundation for leadership growth and provides a  much-needed edge and advantage for:

  1. Matriculants, who want to further their tertiary education.
  2. First-time employment seekers, who want to obtain gainful employment.
  3. Budding entrepreneurs, who need assistance with business plans, state-supported- & financial institutions and on-going mentorship.
  4. Unemployed matriculants and graduates, who haven't given up on their dreams and visions.
  5. Adults, who believe in life-long learning and want to improve their personal development skills.
  6. Sales executives, who find themselves in a rut and want to break through the ceiling of limitations. 
  7. Public speakers, who want to 'up their game' and infuse their verbal presentation with 'attention-getters' deliveries. 

 It's a sobering fact: “A National Senior Certificate is increasingly less valued by the labour market. Ten years ago, an NSC was very highly valued; that’s no longer the case. You need to have an NSC, plus something else (like a short course) to become employable in South Africa.” Source: Professor Rensburg, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg.  

THINK ABOUT THIS: we're no longer living in the Industrial Age, yet, our education system still prepares school leavers and graduates for the labour market. With youth unemployment at a staggering 49.9% and growing, we encourage matriculants and graduates to THINK EMPLOYER, rather than EMPLOYEE.

As the name indicates, the ELI Personal Development Course is primarily aimed at youth aged 18 to 35 years. Amazingly, it had attracted applicants beyond its target market. In fact, ELI graduates include university students, an industrial psychologist, an attorney, management consultants, and ministers of religion, sales executives, a traditional doctor, ex-combatants and homemakers. They all have one thing in common - the intrinsic desire to reshape their self-esteem; communicate effectively; set achievable goals; release more hidden potential, and to market themselves as unique individuals!

Our course is transformational, hence its success! Through interactive involvement, the mind is detoxified of negative thoughts, images, and emotions! Renewed, the mind feeds off positive thoughts and transforms the participant’s behaviour! The President and Founder of this Institute and author of this course states: “Don’t let anybody devalue, degrade, demean, or depreciate YOU! Do not allow feelings of inferiority, guilt or a poor self-image to weigh you down. Break loose from your dead past and face a brighter tomorrow!” “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Henry PC Meyer PhD.