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The ELI Discussion Initiative

This initiative provides an inter-active platform for young South Africans to raise current issues that affect them personally and their respective communities.

This is not a debate contest and therefore, the objective is to provide workable solutions and not to win an argument.

Our policy of interaction is very simple:

  1. We thank you in advance for making a positive contribution to the subject.
  2. We kindly request that you respect your fellow contributor's opinion.
  3. Words are powerful; they can make or break a person.
  4. The overall objective of the Emerging Leaders Institute is raise future leaders of integrity, honor, mutual respect, kindness and love.

We encourage you to:

  1. identify problems;
  2. trace causes or origins;
  3. establish contributing factors;
  4. commit to help provide workable solutions
  5. identify the best-possible solution to the problem!




So………, every year, grade 12 learners start their final year with a ‘big bang’ of excitement! They had just become seniors of their school and have rightfully earned the respect of their family, friends and educators.
These are promising young people with dreams, visions and aspirations! Let’s meet one of them………..
Patience (not her real name), was reared by a single mother. She had seen abject poverty in all its ugly forms and witnessed abuse against women and children. Gangsterism, drugs and alcohol are part-and-parcel of her daily life. She has had enough; her glass is full. Patience is determined to break out of that vicious cycle and wants to use education as the key to her future!
Yet, there are huge hurdles that she and her fellow learners have to overcome.
With an absent father-figure who is forced to work in a mining town; she is faced with financial and emotional challenges. ‘Blessers’ roam large in her area and the temptation to sleep with a strange man, who might be infected with AIDS just for the money, is a daily challenge.
Another stumbling block is the ‘quality of education’ and the lack of support and commitment of some educators in her school. Some Ill-disciplined educators fail in their noble duty to inspire young minds with needed information. We know the end-result: some schools have a 50% failure rate and that undesired outcome defer the hopes of deserving learners.
An additional barrier that’s put in the way of a grade 12 learner is the need to apply for a bursary or a loan. This year, 29 companies who had offered bursaries to grade 12 learners were listed our website. Although the deadline expired on 31 October 2017, we are still receiving emails from desperate learners to assist them. In fact, we had received a total of over 4 300 (four-thousand, three-hundred) emails!
I have read some of those emails. Dreams and visions of emerging leaders are locked up in their applications. These are just two of unedited emails:
“I am in need of financial assistance to study a career that can change the course of my and many others lives. I believe that social working is a means of improving outcomes in our impoverished communities. Being a vehicle that can drive constructive change and positive influence will be an answered prayer. Should I be afforded funding it means that I will be able to improve my living conditions as well as those in my immediate environment. As a learner I believe in commitment and discipline and will work hard towards a successful career pathway.”
“I am interested in EMPOWER-THE-MATRICULANT PROJECT because i do not have funds to go to school next year, I applied for NSFAS but still I wont have registration fees to begin with. The last option I have now is seeking for employment since I am the second last at home of 7 and no one is working and only receiving grant money. Hope this is my breakthrough, thank you.”
These are just TWO emails randomly selected from 4 300 grade twelve learners. They speak volumes.
Nagging question lingers on the minds of countless matriculants across the country are: “Will I make it? Will I get a matric exemption? Will my bursary or loan application be successful? If I don’t make it; will I get a job to support my family?
God forbids that anyone should succumb to depression and make a senseless decision.
1.      We believe in personal connections, interactions, face-to-face workshops and fellowship. However, geographical boundaries such as towns, cities and provinces make it impossible to connect on a personal level.
2.      TeleConferencing – that is still relegated to businesses - has been reinvented by the Emerging Leaders Institute. We use this same medium to empower emerging leaders across the country with the ELI Personal Development Training Course! 
3.      We are determined to change the status quo and raise and connect a new generation of emerging leaders across our nation!
4.      Our various projects are geared to change the mindsets of our youth. They should think:
a.     Entrepreneur, instead of job-seeker;
b.     Boss, instead of labourer;
c.      Employer, instead of employee;
d.     Manufacturer, instead of consumer;
e.      Fleet-owner, instead of a driver;
f.       Leaders, instead of follower.
For a limited period, we’ll offer our TeleCon sessions at a highly discounted price! We have over 4 000 potential callers on our data base and we can only accommodate 100 callers – 50 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon – per day. It will be a matter of first-come-first served!
Yes, you read correctly; YOU are the CAPTAIN of your ship. You are in charge of your life. Whatever decisions you make; nobody will reap it, but you! If you make wrong decisions; you’ll feel the pain – and even shame – of your decisions!
Ask yourself this question: “How important are YOU to yourself? How much worth do you attach to yourself? How ‘special’ are you to YOU? How much money would you invest in YOURSELF to improve your life? Are you willing to make lame excuses and look for reason NOT to INVEST in you future?
The difference between a successful person and a failure (well there are no ‘failures’ In life}; so let’s say an ‘unsuccessful’ person is the following: First-mentioned was prepared to walk the extra mile; burn the midnight oil; learn from the mistakes of others; remain a student for life and invest in himself!
Successful people don’t focus on problems; they look for solutions. They put blame on others; they are prepared to take responsibility and share some of the blame.
You have a choice and say: “I’m a student; unemployed and am from poor background. I don’t have money to pay for expensive course.
Guess what? Another unemployed student who also hails from a poor background will reason: “This is a-one time opportunity. I can’t miss it; I have to invest in myself in order to change my mind and my life. I will do anything to generate money for my first course. Even if I must wash a neigbour’s car; clean a garden or whatever; I’ll do something with my two hands to earn some money!”
Successful don’t procrastinate; they act immediately! Those that wait and procrastinate, always regret their indecision.
Act Now! Click on this link and register for your first course!  Remember: The early bird catches the worm.

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