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Youth Issues - Your Platform

This initiative provides an inter-active platform for young South Africans to raise current issues that affect them personally and their respective communities.

This is not a debate contest and therefore, the objective is to provide workable solutions and not to win an argument.

Our policy of interaction is very simple:

  1. We thank you in advance for making a positive contribution to the subject.
  2. We kindly request that you respect your fellow contributor's opinion.
  3. Words are powerful; they can make or break a person.
  4. The overall objective of the Emerging Leaders Institute is raise future leaders of integrity, honor, mutual respect, kindness and love.

We encourage you to:

  1. identify problems;
  2. trace causes or origins;
  3. establish contributing factors;
  4. commit to help provide workable solutions
  5. identify the best-possible solution to the problem! 



Although we teach; we don’t spoon-feed our students.

Although we empower; we don’t leave our learners powerless.

Although we educate; we don’t leave our graduates without practical knowledge.

Although we mentor; we don’t leave our mentees without support.

Although we inspire; we don’t leave our aspirants without inspiration.

Although we motivate; we don’t leave our participants motionless.


You might forget what you had studied, but you’ll never forget a life-changing experience!

Our graduates enjoy the joy of:

A RESHAPED, POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE – They do so by deconstructing a negative and poor SELF-IMAGE that was built by some parents, family members, teachers, friends and society at large.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – This discovery is not about acquiring a rich vocabulary and speaks like an orator. Instead, it’s an awareness to identify AND connect with their deep-felt emotions. That new-found ability empowers them to articulate their feelings effectively, authentically and without fear of rejection.

RELEASED POTENTIAL – When they find keys to unlock their HIDDEN POTENTIAL; they have the ability to increase their income proportionately; widen their friendship circle intelligently and live a more fulfilling and rewarding life!

SETTING PERSONAL GOALS – This newly-acquired skill empowers ELI graduates to appreciate the scarce commodity of time. It also makes them aware that time and life are inseparable and thus motivates them to determine their own destiny.

PERSONAL BRANDING - Finally, once they discover that their identity and individuality is unmatched in this world; that they are endowed with a unique personality that matches their talents, gifts, and skills; then they become excited to market themselves effectively.

Author: Henry PC Meyer - Founder & President of the Emerging Leaders Institute

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December 4, 2017