Emerging Leaders Institute
"Believe You Can Fly!"

Youth Issues - Your Platform

This initiative provides an inter-active platform for young South Africans to raise current issues that affect them personally and their respective communities.

This is not a debate contest and therefore, the objective is to provide workable solutions and not to win an argument.

Our policy of interaction is very simple:

  1. We thank you in advance for making a positive contribution to the subject.
  2. We kindly request that you respect your fellow contributor's opinion.
  3. Words are powerful; they can make or break a person.
  4. The overall objective of the Emerging Leaders Institute is raise future leaders of integrity, honor, mutual respect, kindness and love.

We encourage you to:

  1. identify problems;
  2. trace causes or origins;
  3. establish contributing factors;
  4. commit to help provide workable solutions
  5. identify the best-possible solution to the problem! 



December 4, 2017