Emerging Leaders Institute
"Believe You Can Fly!"


* Uncover your authentic identity that were hidden by perceptions of parents, friends, educators and society *

* Discover your divine assignment, special mission and unique purpose on planet earth *

* Discard the weight of a poor self-image, lack of confidence and worthlessness *

* Unearth more of your hidden and latent potential and release it to the world *

* Recognise yourselves as a special brand *

* Learn the skill of effective speaking and share your unique story with the world *

* Appreciate the limited gift of time and set personal goals *

* Become a successful entrepreneur and create job opportunities *

* Enjoy life, meet new people and places through national and international travels *

* Become a shaker, mover and trendsetter *

* Think globally and act locally as emerging leaders *

* Believe they can fly and reach for the sky *

             * Become a team-player and not a lone ranger *    

Introducing  Our TeleCon Training Platform

Now, for the first time, Emerging Leaders from across South Africa can be empowered via our TeleCon Training Platform! You don't need to be in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town to benefit from our Personal Development training programme.

What’s even more exciting; you don’t need access to the Internet or a computer to do so. The KEY to our Virtual Executive Boardroom is your mobile phone; that’s it!

From the comfort of your home, you may call our dedicated TeleCon number and access our training platform. You will be coached, lectured and trained by an internationally-acclaimed facilitators. Gone are the days that denied young people from other provinces access to our Personal Development Courses! Why are you waiting for? Reserve your spot now and get empowered!

Reasons Why We Focus On Emerging Leaders:

  1. They are a unique breed of future leaders; trapped in a formation process of development.
  2. In addition to primary, secondary and tertiary education, they need spiritual education that would serve as a solid foundation for their future.
  3. They need to draw guidance, wisdom and advice from those wells of their parents, elders and educators.
  4. Where these wells have run dry and leave future leaders thirsty for knowledge and information; this Institute would come to their aid and fill that void.    

Our Core Focus

Our core focus is Personal Development training and empowerment. This combined and inter-active process lays a firm foundation for Emerging Leaders and help them to cushion the increasing weight of their future roles! Moreover, the bedrock of these emerging leaders would ensure that sound values, good principles and ethics would serve as reinforcements in their foundational structure.

Thus, like a photographer, whose camera's lens is sharply focused on a selected object, likewise, we have set our viewfinder on the training, development, release and support of emerging leaders!

Think And Act Like A World Champion! 

Ninety percent (90%) of Wade Van Niekerk’s preparation takes place behind the scenes.

This gold medalist, record-breaker and world champion does the hard work away from the glare and attention of the world media. Attention is given to detail and even his sprint from the starting blocks is repeatedly rehearsed.

An investment in our Personal Development Course will give you the winning-edge. If you start like Wade and stay in your lane; you'll cross the winning line! What are you waiting for? Click the Book Appointment button and secure your TeleCon Session. !