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MATRICULATED? WHAT'S NEXT?  Once you have matriculated, you can't be left suspended in mid-air.. If you had qualified for a bursary, loan or a grant; you could either further your tertiary education; start you own business; apply for a job or take a gap year.

Since the National Senior Certificate has lost value during the past decade, you would need a short course  to help prepare you for the above-mentioned options!

We have launched The Matric Project to help you! 

NATIONAL SENIOR CERTIFICATE LESS VALUED: Outgoing Vice-Chancellor of Johannesburg University (UJ), Professor Rensburg, made this shocking statement about the National Senior Certificate. He said:

 “A National Senior Certificate is increasingly less valued by the labour market. Ten years ago, an NSC was very highly valued; that’s no longer the case. You need to have an NSC, plus something else (like a short course) to become employable in South Africa. If you want to enter the job market, shorter courses at credible colleges and institutions are the way to go.” 

Please click on this link and watch the SABC interview on our page.

SUCCESS OF OUR FIVE-DAY COURSE: The ELI Personal Development Courses held at the Nelson Mandela Gateway Auditorium, was originally structured for unemployed matriculants and graduates. Amazingly, our course content appealed to professionals such as an industrial psychologist, a practicing attorney, a business management consultant, ministers of religion and housewives.

They all had one thing in common: they agreed that our course was inter-active, relevant, comprehensive and practical.

INTRODUCING ELI TELECON TRAINING PLATFORM: Now, for the first time, Conference Calls are not exclusive to business executives in fancy board rooms.

With our newly-introduced TeleCon Training Platform, emerging leaders from villages, townships and suburbs across South Africa are being elevated to the same platform!

In fact, you don’t need internet connectivity to access our newly-introduced TeleCon Training Platform. Gone are the days that denied young people from other provinces access to our Personal Development Courses!

For more information, please visit our ELI TeleCon Training Platform

THINK & ACT LIKE A WORLD CHAMP! Ninety percent (90%) of Wade Van Niekerk’s preparation takes place behind the scenes.

This gold medalist, record-breaker and world champion does the hard work away from the glare and attention of the world media. Attention is given to detail and even his sprint from the starting blocks is repeatedly rehearsed.

An investment in our Personal Development Course will give you the winning-edge. If you start like Wade and stay in your lane; you'll cross the winning line!

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