Emerging Leaders Institute


The moving story of an unemployed matriculant from Strandfontein Village, Cape Town gave birth to the Emerging Leaders Institute!


Tanya Van Aswegen, out of desperation to find employment, wrote a letter to the editor of the Weekend Argus. Troubled by her story; he published the contents in his Editors column. This is an extract of Tanya’s letter:


“I can’t be employed because of my lack of experience. Employers designed questions to make me feel inferior. How am I going to gain experience if no one will give me the chance? Don’t they realise I’m only one in a million? Is there anyone out there willing to help me/us?”  Weekend Argus, January 12, 2002, page 4.


Tanya’s desperate cry for help challenged Henry PC Meyer, the Founder of the Emerging Leaders Institute, She asked: “Is there anyone out there willing to help me/us?” Henry could have provided employment for her and solved the problem of one unemployed matriculant.


I have matriculated

Instead, the more he pondered on her message, the more he realized that Tanya was speaking on behalf of the masses of the unemployed matriculants! There and then, Henry committed himself to meet the bigger challenges that would need ongoing attention. After his intensive research, he authored a five-module course on personal development and launched the Emerging Leaders Institute that would serve as a platform to deliver these courses.


Since its inception, graduates of our course include university students, an industrial psychologist, an attorney, a management consultant, ministers of religion, and housewives. In fact, a representative from Sasol requested our services and sponsored workshops for unemployed matriculants in Mpumalanga.

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  1. Projects a positive self-image in private and public  
  2. Knows how to make people feel special and important  
  3. Speaks with confidence and persuasion  
  4. Wins friends and influences people  
  5. Sets and reaches your personal goals  
  6. Releases more of your hidden potential   
  7. Knows how to negotiate your increase and promotions  
  8. Is a leader who leads with purpose  
  9. Knows the power of decision that leads to wise choices  

Listen, none of us enters into this world, fully equipped and skilled with the above. It’s gained through effective parenting, excellent educators, effective mentors, and brilliant coaches!   

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self-image (2)How To Reshape Your Self Image

The image we see in the mirror may be a real or distorted view of who we really are. Based on this view, we develop either a positive or a negative self-image. The strengths and weaknesses we have adopted affect how we act today. We continually take in information and evaluate ourselves in several areas, such as physical appearance (How do I look?), performance (How am I doing?), and relationships (How important am I?).

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Effective communicationSpeak To Be Heard And Understood

Effective communication – according to our understanding – is not so much the ability to have a good vocabulary and to string words sensibly together without a blink. In fact, effective communication is at a much deeper level than that superficial definition.

The root-word for communicating is ‘commune’, ‘fellowship’ or ‘to break bread’. We communicate effectively once we have something or a lot in common. This God-given gift of communication sets us apart from animals; yet, every day millions of people around the world are being exploited, manipulated and abused because they lack the ability to identify their feelings and articulate it effectively! Suppressed feelings sour inter-personal relationships and could lead to personal health problems!

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Unleash Your Potential

841587-1545644713212-e5562235f6325 (2)The wealthiest place on earth is not the diamond fields in Kimberley, neither the gold mines in Johannesburg nor the oil fields in Arabia.  It is our minds and graveyards!


Lodged within us are creative thoughts; a speech to be written, books to be published, songs to be composed, a play to be staged, or a business to be launched!  A lack of confidence in your own abilities will cause you to take your creative ideas to the grave!


Buried six-foot-six beneath the crust of the earth is incredible dreams of brilliant individuals who didn’t believe in themselves because an insensitive remark from a callous person crushed their spirits and deflated their hopes!


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Set Achievable Goals.

Achievable Goals

Settings goals is a great way to trigger action and motivate. It sets the direction, next steps, unclutter your mind. Challenging goals stimulate the flow experience that so many people want. As some people say “a life without challenge and risk is not worth living.” The key to unleashing potentials is to set stimulating, challenging goals that are achievable and not overwhelming.

You may write down the goal and read it aloud. If it didn’t move or empower you, you didn’t want to take any action or didn’t know what to do, you need a different goal!


Fact is: Life consists of time segments which we call seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and millennia.  If we WASTE our time, we waste our lives!  These two concepts are interchangeable. If we FAIL to PLAN our LIVES, others will do it for us.  If so, other people are in control of our lives.


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Market Your Personal Brand.

personal-branding-guidelineNo two individuals are alike; not even identical twins! We are unique, peculiar and distinct in every sense of the word.

You are a total package; a mobile advert and a product on display! You are the only person who can effectively market and promote your exclusive product – YOU! However, if you suffer from an inferiority complex caused by a poor self-image; you will deprive the world of a special person – YOU!

Don’t allow people’s perceptions to deprive YOU from making YOUR entrance onto the world stage! YOU have a story to tell; YOU have a contribution to make to humanity. We CAN help YOU to take to YOUR stage with confidence!”

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Discover Your Power Of Choice.

success-or-failureBesides being born, the power of decision-making is the greatest gift. You’re not a product of your genes or your education; you are the result of your decisions.  In fact, Dwight D Eisenhower said: “The history of free men is never written by chance but by choice – their choice.”

Every day, opportunities knock at our door. We have the power of choice to answer the call and accept the invitation, or we have the power of choice to reject the opportunity and close the door. It’s all up to us. Yet, most emerging leaders don’t understand.

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