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Course Outline

The five-segmented Personal Development Course consists of the following modules:


The gradual and intricate construction of our authentic self-image is locked up at the very foundation of our personal development and character-formation.

For the first six years of our existence, parents as custodians, are entrusted with the sole responsibility to shape our self-image. Periodically, close family and friends would make their direct and indirect contributions; whether positively or negatively.

Once we start primary school, another parental figure of influence and authority – in the form of the educator – invade our private space. Receptive and pliable minds for information and knowledge are exposed to these figureheads for six hours; five days a week and during breaks interact with friends. During these formative years, insensitive remarks that were made by educators, friends, and family could predetermine success or failure; an influential leader or a subservient follower.

Once the second phase of education kicks in; the influence of both parents and educators are being pushed to the parameter and peer pressure – and the need to conform – takes center stage. It’s during this difficult ‘transitional phase’ of shedding the child and assuming an 'adult-in-the-making identity' that the journey of self-discovery and for an authentic self-image begins.

Let’s be honest; people have classified validated and esteemed us by their value systems. Twenty-two years into the New South Africa; most so-called ‘born-frees’ were raised by parents who were negatively impacted and affected by the apartheid system that dehumanised them.

Through the ongoing process of repetition and association, we eventually accepted and believed the ascribed image about ourselves. Sadly - in most cases - the mass media also contributed to the total make-up of our self-image and is reinforcing certain stereotypes! 

This crucial session of Reshaping The Self-Image was painstakingly designed to deconstruct and undo negative images that had been assigned and ascribed to us. During these introductory sessions, we had witnessed how students broke down in tears and sobbed bitterly as they relayed their painful experiences of verbal-, mental- and emotional abuse.  


Effective communication – according to our understanding – is not so much the ability to have a good vocabulary and to string words sensibly together without a blink. In fact, effective communication is at a much deeper level than that superficial definition.

The root word for the verb 'communicate' is 'commune', 'fellowship' or 'to break bread'. We communicate effectively once we have something or a lot in common. This God-given gift of communication sets us apart from animals; yet, every day millions of people around the world are being exploited, manipulated and abused because they lack the ability to identify their feelings and articulate it effectively! Suppressed feelings sour inter-personal relationships and could lead to personal health problems! 

Research done by the Harvard Business Review shows that 80% of problems in Organizations is the result of ineffective communication. This ‘inadequacy’ impacts negatively on performance, productivity, efficiency, service delivery, and interpersonal- and customer relations. We don't need to go far; just look at South Africa and various government departments and we will understand what is fueling poor service delivery.


Goal setting is primarily a business concept that is being bandied about and is a process that needs careful explanation and understanding. Most of our parents have not taught us the importance of goal setting and how that could positively change our lives.

Fact is: Life consists of time segments which we call seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and millennia.  If we WASTE our time, we waste our lives!  These two concepts are interchangeable. If we FAIL to PLAN our LIVES, others will do it for us.  If so, other people are in control of our lives. 

Every day our Creator deposits 24, fresh, unspent hours into our time bank account. We can either invest it; or spent it. Don't waste time; invest it! Learn the skill to plan your life and be in control of your own destiny. 



The wealthiest place on earth is not the diamond fields in Kimberley, neither the gold mines in Johannesburg nor the oilfields in Arabia.  It is our minds and the graveyards! Lodged within us are creative thoughts; a speech to be written, books to be published, songs to be composed, a play to be staged, or a business to be launched!  A lack of confidence in your own abilities will cause you to take your creative ideas to the grave!

Buried six-foot-six beneath the crust of the earth is incredible dreams of brilliant individuals who didn’t believe in themselves because an insensitive remark from a callous person crushed their spirits and deflated their hopes!

What we are; what we can be; what we can do; is only a third of what we potentially could be and do! We were born with immense potential! However, negative brainwashing created a belief that we cannot attain greatness. It dashed our hopes and aborted our dreams. Regrettably, many settled for second best and took their dreams to the grave! We do not have to add to that sad statistic! 


No two individuals are alike; not even identical twins! We are unique, peculiar and distinct in every sense of the word.

You are a total package; a mobile advert and a product on display! You are the only person who can effectively market and promote your exclusive product – YOU! However, if you suffer from an inferiority complex caused by a poor self-image; you will deprive the world of a special person – YOU! 

Don't allow people's perceptions to deprive YOU of making YOUR entrance onto the world stage! YOU have a story to tell; YOU have a contribution to make to humanity. We CAN help YOU to take to YOUR stage with confidence!" 

Authored by Henry PC Meyer PhD - Founder and President of Emerging Leaders Institute (eli). ©