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Tele-Conference is by far the most cost-effective, accessible and convenient method of training and communication. According to the Global Entrepreneurship, the number of cell phones surpassed the number of people living in South Africa!  

Due to high costs of personal computers and poor coverage with fixed communication lines, cell phones have been touted, in South Africa and elsewhere in the developing world, as a basic necessity. They are seen as the tool to bridge the digital divide between the rich and the poor and become an enabler of economic development.” - World Wide Worx Mobile Consumer Survey.

Whereas Conferences, Workshops and Seminars are restricted to fixed locations and Webinars are only accessible via the Internet, Tele-Conferences can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home, office and even while traveling (although we don’t encourage this option). With mobile connectivity, we can reach our target group from far-flung areas and empower them with an effective, two-way communication model that is interactive and immediate!

Above all, it cuts out traveling costs, hotel accommodation, time away from home or work and it’s convenient, affordable and accessible.

Finally, through this method, we endeavor to empower 800 Emerging Leaders every month! This target excludes adults who need training in other areas. Once we have identified capable leaders in all our major towns and cities; we’ll conduct monthly conferences in all our regions to facilitate interaction, synergy and networking.


According to the 2014 General Household Survey Report that determined the latest statistic on South African Internet penetration:

1.       40.9% of South African households have at least one member who either used the Internet at home or had access to it elsewhere

2.       10% of households had Internet access at home.

3.       30% of the people who go online do it either at work

4.       16% would have access at school or university

5.       9.6% would surf the nest at an Internet café.

It’s clear that cell phones offer more access for rural households:

  1. 17.9% of rural households go online using mobile devices and;
  2. 30.8% of South African households using mobile devices to access the Internet.


Nothing beats the effectiveness of a face-to-face workshop session with a facilitator, trainer, coach or lecturer. Especially our life-changing seminars as described above. We have witnessed how timid, shy and lonely registrants who - on day one - hardly interact with the rest of the class.

Then, on day two - after our life-changing lecture on Reshaping Your Self Image - these students show up with a fresh sense of purpose; are more liberated, outgoing and excited!

Regrettably, there are some who live in far-flung areas, other towns, cities and  and cannot attend. Don't stress; we have a powerful solutions. You have the option of participating in our Tele-Conference Coaching Sessions. Yes, up to 40 registrants may participate per session!

You don't need to spend money on travel and the Registration Fees! This option is convenient and very affordable!